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2024 Season Schedule

🌲 Beast Coast Adventures: Unleash Your Adventure Spirit! 🚙💨


Gear up for a year filled with thrilling off-road escapades and unforgettable memories with Beast Coast Adventures! Our 2024 schedule is packed with exciting events that promise to take you on a journey through the most scenic trails and terrains.

Event Schedule:

  1. Winter Shake-off - NJ

    • Date: 5/17

  2. Vermont Trail Pre-Run

    • Date: 5/31

    • Free for those who sign up for any event through the year!

  3. Vermont Spring Offroad Tour

    • Date: 6/14

  4. Vermont Summer Camp

    • Date: 7/19

  5. Overland Festival - NY

    • Date: 8/16

  6. Montana/Colorado Offroad Tour

    • Date: 8/30

    • Free for those who sign up for any event through the year!

  7. Vermont Summer Offroad Tour

    • Date: 9/20

  8. OBX Thank You Trip

    • Date: 10/24

    • Free for those who sign up for any event through the year!


🎉 Black Friday Special: Unlock Exclusive Discounts! 🛍️

  • 🌟 10% Off Single Events: Use code BF10 at checkout.

  • 🌟 15% Off Multiple Events: Get 15% off when you book two or more events with code BF15.

💥 Limited-Time Offer: 50% Off Vermont Tour! -Book the Montana/Colorado Offroad Tour and get a whopping 50% off either Vermont Tour. Message us for details and make the most of this incredible deal!

  • 📅 Sale Ends 11/26

Booking Special: Unlock Free Pre-Run and OBX Adventure! 🎉

🌐 How to Access Free Pre-Run and OBX Adventure:

  • Simply book any Beast Coast Adventures event throughout the year, and you'll automatically gain complimentary access to the Vermont Trail Pre-Run and OBX Thank You Trip! It's our way of saying thank you for being part of the Beast Coast family.

Ready to rev up your engines and dive into a year of off-road excitement?

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